Storing Your Belongings on Long Island

When you need a safe place to store your valued property out on Long Island, play it smart. There are many storage companies doing business in the area, but which one is the best fit, and safest, for you?

Here are a few suggestions to help you find the right storage facility:

Scope It Out Yourself.

Don’t commit to a storage facility just by looking at their website or by making a phone call. You’ll really want to go out to the place yourself to look it over. How easy is it to get to? What kind of security do they have in place? What kind of people make up the staff? Do they seem friendly and competent? Do they keep it clean? Is it well-lit at night? You need to be happy with your choice before writing that first deposit and rent check!

Is The Price Right?

Remember to balance price with value. The cheapest price may not be the best bargain, if their security is lax or low-tech. Be sure to get the full price package before you agree to anything; that includes taxes, late fees, and any discounts for early and/or automatic payments. You should also consider whether they want payments weekly or monthly. And how much of a security deposit they want up front. The rule of thumb is never pay more than one month’s rent for the security deposit, because it is often difficult and time consuming to get it back, even with completely honest storage companies.

How Easy is it to Get To?

Many storage facilities have several locations on Long Island. Make sure you check this out, so that if and when you need to visit your valuables it won’t be a long and difficult drive. Also remember that different storage companies have different policies on when you can visit your storage unit; some companies allow you access 24/7, but others will require you to call ahead or even fill out paperwork if you want to visit outside of normal business hours.

How Safe Will Your Possession Be?

Probably your biggest concern will be the safety of your personal possession while in storage. Make sure they have CCTV cameras and sensors. There should be security guards on the premises 24/7. Guard dogs are another good precaution – they don’t go down during a power failure!

Hours of Operation

As said earlier, go with a company that makes your storage unit available when you want it/need it. Some Long Island storage facilities are only open during the week, and are shut up tight on weekends. This is not a good idea if you need to get into your unit on a Saturday. Also make sure you check on holidays, as some storage facilities will close up shop for the Fourth of July or New Years. Your best bet is going to be a storage facility that is accessible 24/7, 365 days a year. You may have to pay a bit more, but the total convenience will be worth it.


How helpful is the staff? Do they seem pushy to sell you? Do you feel you can trust them? Do they act and dress professionally? How are their communication skills? If you feel uncomfortable around them for any reason, do not use them! Remember that you are leaving extremely valuable and/or personal items in their charge, so you’ve got to be able to trust them completely.

Check Out the Fine Print Before You Sign

Some storage facilities on Long Island will charge you an extra fee if you close your account prior to the end of your contract. Others will start charging ‘balloon’ payments after the first six months. Make sure you can lock in the amount of your rent when you sign the contract; if they won’t agree to this, take your business elsewhere. Some facilities will charge you an extra fee if you visit your storage facility more than five times in a month. Make sure you check all this out by asking if there are any hidden fees or costs that have they have not discussed with you yet. Any hesitation on their part is your cue to go look for a more honest, transparent storage facility.

Always keep in mind the amount of time you think you will need your storage unit. Is it just for a few months or a year, or will it be a long-term need? This can impact your rental agreement. Strive to get a flexible contract from the storage company, one that does not penalize you for early withdrawal. There should always be a guarantee in your contract concerning the physical safety of your belongs while in their storage facility. And make sure they have climate control and air conditioning available. You should physically look inside one or two of their units, to make there are no moist walls or cracked floors where vermin can get in.

If you do it right, you’ll find a perfectly satisfactory storage facility on Long Island, for either the short term or for the long run!

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