Storage Beds for Children

When looking into furniture for kids, it is important that it is appealing to children and has the kind of practicality parents will appreciate. With this in mind, you may look into a storage bed that a child would enjoy as a bed as much as parents would appreciate for its functionality. However, finding a kids storage bed that fits both these requirements can be quite a task for some parents.

Storage beds can come in many different designs. One of the simplest yet most elegant setups has as much room as a small walk in closet underneath the bed. The bed area also has an extension that works as a desk and more storage area underneath. Smaller children will not have to worry about getting to the bed because there is a small stairwell to the upper area.

This bed setup may also include a shelf area by the desk. Of course, this type of storage bed is most ideal for smaller children. Older and bigger children may need a different type of bedding that is not as cramped as a bed area with two decks. There are many daybeds that include storage areas at the base that can hold linen, clothing or any other materials the child needs.

A daybed may be a bit too small for some. Loft beds often come with additional storage space underneath and can be ideal for smaller children’s rooms. The bedding area is always on top and the space underneath may fit drawers, shelves or any other type of storage option. Some loft beds may also contain play areas, but they may be converted to a storage area if the child outgrows the play area.

There are also other loft beds that are a bit more elaborate and can accommodate more than one child. They may also still hold storage areas like drawers, but they may not be as big and they are not located directly beneath the top bed. Larger corner loft beds are made for larger rooms and may also accommodate more than one child even with storage space underneath the top bed.

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