Simple DIY ideas for your kitchen

The kitchen is probably one of the most-used rooms in the home, and can often show highly visible signs of wear, far earlier than it should. However, equipping a kitchen with new fittings can be a very expensive business, and in many cases may be entirely unnecessary.

Kitchen cabinetry

Take the cabinets in the kitchen, for example. The carcasses of your kitchen cabinets should last for years; they are, after all, a solid structure. However, the cabinet doors and drawer fronts may start showing signs of wear, or you may simply decide you want a different style for your kitchen, changing from a country style to a more contemporary one. You can simply change out the door and drawer fronts to suit your new taste, or as an even cheaper option, paint the existing doors a different color, take off the old handles, and replace with new ones. Rather than remove splash back tiling, simply cover with a modern vinyl to create a whole new look. It will look like the whole kitchen has been changed.


Most of the wall space in a kitchen will be covered by the kitchen cabinets, but you could simply paint those walls that remain on show in a different color to freshen up the décor. Choose a light color that complements the cabinets and keeps the kitchen feeling light and airy.

Avoid hanging curtains at your windows as these can have an old-fashioned look and can also present a safety hazard. Hang blinds, or be even more on-trend and install window shutters. These not only look great but also have other benefits such as helping to keep heat inside, while still allowing ventilation and the regulation of light.


Dining rooms are not the only place for ambient lighting. If you spend a great deal of time in your kitchen, you might want to be able to alter the mood with lighting. Install spotlights over the main working area of the kitchen, and put hidden lights along the top of the cabinetry and under shelves to create different lighting levels. If you have a seating area in your kitchen, consider hanging three pendant lamps to help define the zone.


Sometimes all you need to freshen up your kitchen is a change of furniture, or making over your existing pieces. If you have a wooden dining table and chairs, you could consider stripping them to expose the hardwood beneath and introduce a natural look to your kitchen. An alternative would be to paint them with a suitably hardwearing paint. White is always a good choice, as it keeps the decor light and will blend in with almost any color palette. Be prepared for a long job, however, as both stripping and painting furniture take time to do properly.

Do not waste money on an entire new kitchen suite when it starts to look a little tired. Work with what you have to create an entirely new look that can be performed by you, and need not cost a fortune.

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