Mini Storage Units Ensure Your Valuables Are In Safe Hands

As we get older and our families grow, we generate a lot of clutter. We constantly accumulate items that we often don’t have the space for at home. From furniture to jewelry, cookware to clothing, we’re always amassing extra stuff.Though we have to do something about our extra junk, some of it is just too valuable to get rid of or to leave in the hands of just anybody. For this reason, self-storage units have become a fast growing segment of commercial real estate. It’s estimated that one out of every ten households now rents a mini self-storage unit!

As a storage user, it’s important to ensure that your property is in the right facility and will be safe. Of course, location is the first factor. Whether it’s near your home, business, or the new house you just purchased, try to choose something within range in case you need to retrieve an item quickly and upon short notice. Once you have narrowed down your selection, you will want to be sure your self-storage is reputable and professional. By looking on their website, or asking around, you can get feedback from other customers. As a customer, you want to hear positive reviews about the company! Being a prospective customer, visiting the facility can show off the professionalism first hand. They should have a clean, organized office, clean outdoor presentation, and employees should be friendly and knowledgeable about the company.


When renting a mini storage unit in Toronto, it’s important to consider the security measures the facility takes to keep possessions safe and secure. State-of-the art storage facilities should ensure that only customers should be able to get into the building via a computer system. Surveillance cameras should be installed to deter any unwanted visitors. The entire area should be a well lit, fenced, and should come with motion detectors. This is not only to keep your valuables safe, but to also keep customers safe. There should also be inspection rounds and private security to ensure that everything is kept secure. Despite all these things, a company still should offer storage insurance. This gives the customer even morepeace of mind, knowing that the safety of their possessions is important to the company as well.

Of course, your Toronto-based facility should be reasonably priced for their services. There are many online resources to help you locate units close by and compare prices and services, but to simplify, our recommendation is to try Centron Self Storage in Toronto as a starting point. Whether you need a unit for a short amount of time as you move, or you need a long-term unit for your business, you want to find the right company that will make you their first priority.

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