Landscaping with Water

Landscaping is one of the best things about being a home owner. It gives you the opportunity to beautify your home in a way that is personal to you. You can create an esthetic oasis that you can enjoy escaping to, even when it is just right outside in your yard. Adding a water feature to your garden is among the most popular types of home landscaping. Here are some of the most fantastic ideas you might want to undertake. If you are looking for other great landscaping tips you can find everything from fencing, tree felling and garden design from simple landscaping, a UK site dedicated to the latest landscaping trends.

Landscaping with Water


A birdbath is a great structure to install in your garden. You can give wild birds a nice sanctuary where they can drink and bathe and create a decorative spot in the garden at the same time. The best way to use a birdbath is to use it as a focal point among the plants in your yard. You can either place it in the garden itself or just in the middle of a stone or brick pathway in your yard. It is one of the simpler water features you can have and you can obtain it at your favourite local home improvement store.

Fountains, Waterfalls and more..

If your property is large enough, you might have a beautiful retaining wall in your yard. You can create a more dramatic look to this structure with a water feature. A small fountain or series of small fountains can really make a huge difference in your retaining wall as water splashes over and into a small pool below. The pumps can be situated in between rocks or bricks in an even manner so that each is properly and equally aligned. Place some potted plants, preferably those that bloom flowers, along either side of the retaining wall and the small pool for an even more beautiful look.

A waterfall is an absolutely stunning water feature that probably any home owner would love to have in his or her garden. You can set one up among decorative rocks and lush plant life and have the water from the fall drop down into a small pool. One of the best ways to use this type of water feature is with a slope on your property. When placed on a slope, your fountain can be made up of several levels. This is generally the best type of water feature for taking advantage of your land and the water’s natural properties.

A fish pond is an incredible addition to your yard. You can create it in a variety of shapes and house beautiful koi within it. You will have to ensure that there is sufficient plant life around the pond as well as it will benefit the fish. You can also have plants native to living in the water, such as water lilies. Large enough rocks can be used to serve a dual purpose in holding the pond liner in place and to create an esthetic effect.

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