Getting The Perfect Look For Your Patio

With a little thought, it’s possible to create the perfect patio space to suit any residence. By adding functional and exceptionally crafted tables and chairs, to eye-catching flowers and baskets, to outdoor furniture, there are just numerous ways to brighten up your space.

1. Add a warm glow

Whether you’re looking to utilise your space in all seasons or make those summer nights last that little bit longer, a chimenea or brazier is a useful addition: indeed, a cast iron or ceramic heat source can not only warm the patio but provide an aesthetically-pleasing look. Add to the effect by the strategic positioning of solar lighting and you’ll achieve an inviting look that never goes out of fashion.

2. Take the weight off your legs

Outdoor furniture comes in many forms; a simple trip to a good quality garden centre will provide many ideas. Classic woods are always in vogue, while those looking to add a more contemporary look can choose from high density rattan, which is not only durable and weather-resistant but also looks extremely stylish. Accessorise with a Jack and Jill matching chair set or a stylish wooden bench. Wrought iron or aluminium furniture is also available from many outlets.

3. Splash of colour

No patio would be complete without a range of plants. If you have a small area to decorate, consider a single large planter and surrounding pots to add a dash of colour and a focal point; with a larger deck or patio to fill, the use of hanging baskets and small trees or shrubs can add a nice ambience.

4. Accessorise!

Those seeking a truly luxurious feel could add an outdoor kitchen area or bar, while the more modest budget can easily support a sheltered area such as a gazebo or covered wooden arboretum; this will not only afford welcome shade from the midday sun, but allow you to stay outside even if it rains! Put some careful thought into touches such as cushions, rugs and candle or string lighting and you’ll create a beautiful patio that will welcome you and your guests time and again.

Your patio is a space that’s perfect to decorate and style as you choose, but if you’re still stuck for inspiration, try visiting a reputable sites for tips and pointers about patio improvement.

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