Choosing A Unique Wall Mirror Style For Your Home – Advice from Soraya Interiors

Why add a wall mirror to your space? Adding the perfect wall mirror to your home makes a dramatic difference in any room. Space is everything. Wall mirrors dramatize, highlight, help illuminate, magnify and multiply sense of space. The right sense of space created by thoughtfully chosen and placed wall mirrors can revolutionize your home interior. Gold, silver, frameless and full length wall mirrors each work best in different contexts. Let’s explore these options:

Tradition and Luxury of Gold Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors framed in gold radiate a sense of tradition, excellence and luxury. Gold is timeless and a mirror framed with gold creates a timeless space. Buying and placing gold wall hung mirrors will work best in formal rooms. Dining rooms, guest bathrooms, foyers are all excellent rooms suited for the luxurious sense of space created by a gold framed mirror. Palaces, museums – tradition is framed in gold. In your home, gold makes life feel classic.

Unique Wall Mirror Style For Your Home

Contemporary Style of Silver Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors framed in silver shed tradition. For a sleek, industrial and unquestionably contemporary style, choose silver frames for mirrors. The aesthetic play between silver and mirrored glass is an elegant touch to design an ultra modern living room or bathroom. This combination can also be used to create a sheek mirrored wall for industrial style home kitchens. Ultra modern. Industrial. A well placed silver framed mirror can set your home apart in style.

Minimal Sublime Effect of Frameless Wall Mirrors

Frameless wall mirrors create a more meditative space which dissolves the distinction between the illusion of space in a mirror versus actual space. For maximum expanse, choose a frameless wall mirror. This invisible touch works well in dens, listening rooms, offices and living rooms. Choose this style for rooms where subtracting distractions is key. Frameless mirrors work best in spaces where you want to feel transported somewhere else.

Full Impact of Full Length Wall Mirrors

Full length wall mirrors are another great option for maximizing the impression of space in any room. An easy way to create the feeling of more room without literally building onto your home, a full length mirror can give your dining room a magnificent aura and openness. Of course, full length mirrors also work great for romantic bedroom decor. Instead of placing a mirror in just the right spot to reflect a piece of your room and imply more space, full length mirrors immerse a room and, in a sense, disappear.

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